We will make a aerial video from your house from 2 minutes. This means that we will need to fly longer, but after editing you get a 2 minutes video. If you like to have more video feed, then you can order this service more times. This is only for the Kaiserslautern area in Germany. Additional traveling cost are charged by km from Ramstein to your location. See traveling.

    Traveling is calculated at 50 euro cent a km from Ramstein (Germany) to your location based on the km on Google maps. Plus one or more of the video options.

    Example :

    You live on Bahnstra├če 1, in Landstuhl. That is 7 km one way. So the price extra will
    be 7 km (Quantity) x 0.50 = 3.50 plus a video session (Like for 2 minutes will be 25 Euro) makes a total of 28 euro 50
    Fill in the address under Instructions, and the KM (One way) in

    See example above how it work. You can order it below:

    If you need ONE 2 minute video then fill in 1 (Already there) as Quantity below.

    Instructions is for special wishes or any other remarks.


    How many KM are you located from Ramstein ? (One way) Fill that in under Quantity below :

    Place your address in Instructions below!